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The Switch Trilogy - Chloe/Lex Luthor - Smallville The Switch, The Deal & The Truth. Wolf Yuu, 3 years after engagement Hermione returns to Hogwarts for her final year with a new ring. Remus dares Sirius to kiss a boy for the first time before the Christmas party is over. WARNING: Slash RLSB MWPP Era One Shot Just because Sirius and Remus were friends didn't mean they were together. “My skirt is perfectly fine.”“I must agree with Naruto, Sakura.

Of Brothers & Lovers When his brother Adam's girlfriend ends up being sister to the man Dean basically stalks, Dean knows this must be a sign.

Now that he has an excuse to be near Castiel things could be perfect if not for Gabriel & Sam, who just won't go away.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - THANK YOUSI want to thank Isis Thorne who sent me a message informing me that apparently my story: "What Could Have Been" has been plagiarized.

/: I want to thank Cheshire Cat23 for letting me know that one of my HP stories has also been plagiarized. TNC was put on hiatus because every single chapter had someone anonymously complaining, insulting me personally as a person, (multiple times) and tearing into everything I wrote. It got to the point where I didn't want to read the reviews anymore. So I'm taking a break from that story because I lost enjoyment of writing it due to this.

Apparently all of them might not be getting through. Paranormal, Supernatural Diaries, Art Imitating Life, Death Is Only The Beginning, Come What May, When Past Meets Present, Like Riding A Bike, Tinseltown Rumor Mill, The Enemy Of My Enemy Chlonnor Series (ANGEL & SV, Connor/Chlor)Night Blossom, The Miracle Child, Connor Possession, Being Good Is Overrated, Meeting Sam Winchester, Twisted, Point Of No Return, Seeing Is Believing, Most Unlikely Of Places, Beware Of The Merman, Be Careful What U Wish, High Stakes, Devil On Your Shoulder, Hidden Agendas Midnight Madness When Draco becomes a dhampir Hermione discovers that she's his mate, and Blaise was only trying to help them--really, he was.

None of the three of them could have realized how their destinies were intertwined.- Yuuri/Wolfram - The Misunderstanding Cursed - Jimmy/Bo - The Wolf And His Boy * Merlin - Merlin/Mordred - To Kill A King * Twilight - Jacob/Edward - Worth After arriving in Auradon, Harry sets out to find a way to make his princess remember who he is. After her so-called 'friends' left her behind to pursue a life of good, Queenie had to figure out a way to survive without them. RL/SB Slash Naruto Inuyasha: Kagome has come home for last time in the feudal era, her mother Kun Loon decides to send her to live with her cousin for awhile, but when she arrives it’s not what she expects. You will give in to me because we are destined to be together and you’ll find you can’t deny me.' COMPLETE! After the latest heartbreak, she decides to swear off love and boys. Loe Niley Mikoliver With the end of war, Harry and Ron escape to find themselves. Not to mention, shes been paying attention to Kyo making him jealous. Yukix Tohru WARNING: Slash RLSB MWPP Era One Shot Remus and Sirius move in together, but conflict arises when Sirius wants a quidditch room and Remus wants a library. WARNING: Slash RLSB Slight LEJP MWPP Era Dedicated to all of you readers! : D It's Christmastime and the Hogwarts girls are bored with their own lovelife, so they delve into Sirius' and Remus' with amusing results. Rogue and Kitty are assigned to work on a school project together, but as the night progresses, Rogue ends up learning more than her fair share about Kitty's secrets and mutant abilities. Complete This year, Hogwarts has a competiton for it's older students. Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy both know, to survive the streets of Paris, & to win the 5,000 galleons..will have to leave their past behind. His dog, disappears one day and while he is frantically looking for his lost dog, he meets a tanned blond named Naruto…Meanwhile, a curious Queenie tries to figure out why her closest friends are hell-bent on keeping her away from Uma's pirate crew. She hadn't planned on betraying the people she held so close to her heart, but she'd been drowning without them. Miley really wants to help her friend, so she enlists some unlikely allies to help find Lilly’s perfect match. Left behind, Hermione is lost on her own, only to be found by two of the most unlikely people. Sleeping on couches, Peter eating doughnuts, and pranking James ensues. Kagome's breath hitched in her throat when his intense amber eyes began to trail down her body and she willed her racing heart to calm. Casey was mad and Derek knew she had every right to be. Now the only question is, how does he get her to understand. someone that seems to know an awful lot about him...coincidence? It sucks to be Souma Kyo: you're constantly drooling over girls you can't have, your friends are making fun of you because you're shy and your male cousin just decided to turn your world upside down by making a move on you. Yuki Kyo A true manipulator will control the universe, but who will achieve the wanted mastership?Movies, Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight, Bridge to Terabithia, Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, Cursed, Merlin, Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!, She's the Man, Aliens/Predator, Zoom, Were the World Mine, Blade, Vampire High, Vampire Diaries, River, Kick-Ass, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, 100, Shadowhunters, Justice League, Batman, Fantastic 4, Vampire Kisses, Ten Inch Hero, NCIS, Friday the 13th, Blood Ties, Legion, Legend of the Seeker, Constantine, Primeval, Fallen, Criminal Minds, Bones, I Am Number Four, Secret Circle, Big Bang Theory, Mortal Instruments, Fringe, Walking Dead, and Sky High.Dorian Trilogy - Past Chloe/Dean, Present Chloe/Sam - Smallville/Supernatural One Night Stand, Stanford & Family Reunion.


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