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Having few children in whom they invest highly, they tend to be future-oriented and value stability, wishing for their children to inherit a just society in which they can prosper.

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Thus, the strategy of the alpha female is to enter an alpha’s harem and rise to the top of it.

Although the sexual fates of alphas and gammas are different between men and women, there is a similarity between the genders.

males, on the other hand, tend strongly toward monogamy.

(A beta might take two or three wives if there a severe shortage of men, but is disinclined to do so.) Either unable to acquire alpha status, or uninterested in doing so, they prefer seek out one highly desirable partner and form a pair bond with her.

Their evolutionary reason for doing so is obvious: they want their children to inherit the father’s alpha status.

In order to achieve this, to have sexual access to an alpha male is not enough; a large number of women have such access, but most of them are not alpha females, and their children will not inherit the father’s status. Only the favored wife qualifies as an alpha female.The only difference between the alpha and gamma male is that the former is successful and the latter is not; their attitudes are fairly similar.Likewise, beta males have more in common with women than with alpha or gamma men.Big” despite his repulsive and obnoxious character.She’s what a perverse offshoot of feminism has told young women that it’s “empowering” to be.Over time, by virtue of being the predominant contributors to the advancement of civilization, betas end up running it.

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