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A less physically violent analogue of the alpha male, she’s a hypercompetitive, gossiping, catty, back-stabbing, relationally aggressive bitch.She’s the hypergamous Carrie Bradshaw, lusting after “Mr.Over time, by virtue of being the predominant contributors to the advancement of civilization, betas end up running it.

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Beta females seek quality men of medium-high social status– the most desirable beta men– for monogamous relationships.

Alpha females, on the other hand, seek alpha males exclusively.

The only difference between the alpha and gamma male is that the former is successful and the latter is not; their attitudes are fairly similar.

Likewise, beta males have more in common with women than with alpha or gamma men.

Big” despite his repulsive and obnoxious character.

She’s what a perverse offshoot of feminism has told young women that it’s “empowering” to be.Having few children in whom they invest highly, they tend to be future-oriented and value stability, wishing for their children to inherit a just society in which they can prosper.They become the priests, scholars, judges, and entrepreneurs.The beta male’s reproductive future relies on one woman, so he values her health highly, and tends strongly toward egalitarian partnership.Paternal investment is high, because the beta has few children and must see them succeed if his genetic line is to continue.According to the male status spectrum, most women are natively beta.


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