Neopets dating

The couple had been sending casual 'love you' messages to each other before leaving for school in the morning.

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'For a long time [Michael] didn't use his real name and went by 'Doctor,' Kristin said.

The frenemies would move their online connection to AIM instant messaging and started asking each other about personal aspects of their lives.

With the Neopets Facebook Page at just over 225,000 Likes and /r/Neopets — the site's Reddit community — weighing in with over 5,000 subscribers, it's clear some members of the connected generation are still very much involved with their favorite childhood game.

Dave Luciano, 23, is still active on the site, though not as much as his adolescent years, "simply because I have a full-time job nowadays that occupies most of my day," Luciano tells .

' when Michael said 'love you' and the two cemented their feelings.

And when Michael was 17, he started looking at colleges near Kristin, setting his eyes on a liberal arts school called Hendrix College.

When they first met, Kristin 'was dressed super cute' and brought her mom along for a date at a local restaurant.

Kristin recalled running away without speaking to Michael when she first saw him because she was so overwhelmed.

Soon a small group from the guild - with Michael and Kristin included - moved their friendship to neomail and chatrooms.

And after that the two would log on, every day, to 'playfight' and 'talk stupid drama related to these (guilds)' never divulging their real names to each other.

'We learned growing up as kids talking to somebody on the internet that you got to know how to communicate — otherwise you won't have a friend,' she said.

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