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Hints of this dialect can be spied in certain passages of hymns found in the Rigveda.

The first evidence of written Sindhi can be traced back to circa the 8th century CE in a Sindhi language version of the Mahabharata.

The Sindhi language has an extremely intriguing history closely intertwined with the era of British colonial rule in India.

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Problems in the province soon arose due to the fact that Sindhi efforts to promote and preserve Sindhi literary and cultural traditions were often seen as anti-Urdu actions.

The escalating tensions peaked in the language riots of 1972, which resulted in the Pakistani government’s granting special status to the Sindhi language.

With the partition of British India in 1947, many Sindhi language speakers in Pakistan fled to India.

The effects of this migration are still evident, as the Sindhi language in India is found primarily in the Kachchh district of Gujarat, an area bordering the modern Pakistani Sindh province where many Pakistani Sindhi language speakers fled after the partition.

The organization undertook the immense project of collecting old Sindhi literary traditions – many of them oral traditions that were later transcribed – and publishing them in a series of 40 volumes.

Today the Sindhi language is spoken by an estimated 25 million people around the world, most of them found in the countries of Pakistan and India.

The Sindhi language is written primarily in two scripts: Arabic-Sindhi and Devanagari-Sindhi.

Although the Arabic-Sindhi and Devanagari-Sindhi are the most popular, other scripts also can be used to write the Sindhi language, including Brahmi, the Gurmukhi alphabet, and an indigenous script simply known as Sindhi.

Hyderabad's name translates literally as "Lion City" - from haydar, meaning "lion," and ābād, which is a suffix indicating a settlement.

"Lion" references Ali's valour in battle, The River Indus was changing course around 1757, resulting in periodic floods of the then capital of the Kalhora dynasty, Khudabad.

Although Urdu and English are still the official national languages of Pakistan, Sindhi is the official regional language of the country’s Sindh province.

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