Dating victirian hardware

A related hardware family with a single, pivot-type joint is the paumelle hinge.The beauty obtained by the reducing the profile of the joint, then adding ornamentation, means that “paumelle hinges go all the way back,” in origin, according to Martin Grubman, vice president of P. Guerin in New York City, which makes examples from Louis XVI and Georgian architecture.

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Typically these were plated versions of more expensive or more tarnish-resistant metals – copper, silver, bronze, nickel, gold – but there were also ersatz aged and patinated versions, such as Pompeian bronze and Verde antique.

In the early-20th century, about the time the age of historical architectural hardware reached its peak, the industry made an about face to its early origins – at least in a decorative sense.

By 1900, manufacturers seemed all but obsessed with historical styles and motifs as hardware design selling points.

They churned out escutcheons and knobs in myriad schools of ornament – from Byzantine, Empire, Flemish and Japanese to several iterations of Gothic and Renaissance – finely slicing historical styles into almost imperceptible differences of ornate surface decoration.

Loose-joint butts allowed for quick door removal, but had the disadvantage of being “handed” – that is, the hardware had to be manufactured in “right” and “left” versions to accommodate the swing of the door.

Loose-joint butts also have only one bearing surface per hinge to carry the weight of the door.

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