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The sway bar and the C7 Corvette’s new electric steering rack were removed for access to the harmonic balancer. Unfortunately the LT1 timing cover and oil pan do not utilize reusable gaskets like the LS engine family. The dry-sump pan needs to be dropped in order to move the oil pump forward for removal of the cam phaser gear and timing chain.

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This kit contains the special tools to safely disassemble the cam phaser and install the cam phaser limiter block. With the cam phaser kit tools installed, the phaser was safely disassembled to install the limiter block. It’s the only way you’ll be able to reinstall the timing set with the modified cam phaser gear.

The limiter block will mechanically limit the camshaft movement, making it safer when running a big cam and helping to prevent valve-to-piston contact at high rpm. All the block, timing cover, and oil pan surfaces were cleaned up.

For now, follow along for another new adventure with the C7 Corvette. The Tune Time Performance (TTP) 2014 Corvette is a pretty sweet test mule.

It will receive lots of upgrades and more testing over the course of its life.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll need to remove the oil pump and dry-sump pan to install the cam and timing set. This dowel trick worked on the LS engine, and now the LT1 for camshaft swaps.

Here are the specs of the stock stick: 0.551/.524-inch lift, 200/207 duration at 0.050-inch intake exhaust, with a 116.5 lobe separation.

Matt Hauffe and his experienced staff at Tune Time Performance (Lakewood, New Jersey) would handle their first LT1 cam swap on Matt’s new 2014 Corvette.

This was to become a good learning experience for future swaps that TTP will perform on the redesigned C7 and LT1.

The springs we’ll be using (PN 7228-16) have a spring rate of 438 lb/inch, a seat load of 136 pounds at 1.800 inches, and an open load of 412 at 1.170 inches.


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