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The three people who were arrested were charged with assault and disorderly conduct. Local police say one of their officers was also struck with a Gatorade bottle while breaking up the fight.

A bystander took video of police officers wrestling suspects - who all appeared to be male - to the ground, as unruly youths gathered around and threw sand at the cops. 'There were so many people fighting, they had to get help from Ventnor and Longport,' Capt. 'They're really disrespectful.'The three who were arrested were among 12 people under the age of 21 who were arrested in Atlantic County over Memorial Day Weekend.

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Some of these have acquired great authority and are in general use.

For this reasons we shall refer for the most part to such compilations (and their most reputable commentaries) rather than directly to the Talmud.

Three minors were arrested after a massive brawl involving about 300 teens broke out at a Jersey Shore beach this weekend.

Authorities say the fight broke out at the Washington Avenue Beach in Margate around 2pm, near the Lucy the Elephant landmark.

In 1970 he was elected chairman of the Israeli Human and Civil Rights League, and spent the next three decades strongly advocating equality and civil rights.

In the 1990s, Shahak emerged as one of the strongest critics of the Oslo peace process, which he denounced as a fraud and a vehicle for making the Israeli occupation more efficient.

The most authoritative code, widely used to date as a handbook, is the Shulhan 'Arukh composed by R.

Yosef Karo in the late 16th century as a popular condensation of his own much more voluminous Beys Yosef which was intended for the advanced scholar.

Shahak gained a wide international audience through his regular Translations from the Hebrew Press, which gave the non-Hebrew speaking world a unique glimpse into the extreme and racist rhetoric about Arabs, Palestinians and Jewish supremacy that characterizes much of mainstream discourse in Israel.

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