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he’s just, he’s just a genius.” Dennings’ costar Beth Behrs, who introduced the pair, previously told PEOPLE that the two are “nerds at heart.” “They’re in this crazy business, they’re both very calm and mellow and wonderful,” Behrs said.

“And he treats her like a princess, and it’s amazing.” While Dennings returns to single life, Behrs became engaged to her boyfriend of six years, Michael Gladis, earlier this month.

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Everyone knows about all the romances in Friends and how many people each person slept with, but did you know that loads of the cast were dating OUTSIDE of the film set?

Like, Jennifer Aniston ACTUALLY went out with Josh-wa, aka tate Donovan? David Schwimmer's as loyal as Ross, with three serious relationships nowhere NEAR the cast list, but Matthew Perry was ACTUALLY seeing Susie Underpants IRL, and Courteney Cox was married to David Arquette, who played Phoebe's stalker.

Before Sofia Vergara blew up for her role on Modern Family, she was famous for dating Enrique Iglesias back in the day.

Yea- the tables have definitely turned in regards to who's got more fame now.

Josh Groban and Kat Dennings have called it quits after nearly two years of dating, according to a report. It was there that Dennings heard her new beau sing live for the first time.

“They are still friends and care about each other, but it’s not the right time for them now as a couple.” The pair made their first public appearance together in October 2014 when they went as dates to the Beverly Hills Carousel of Hope Ball.After the short fling, Timberlake got with Britney Spears which brought us the ever so iconic matching denim number at the AMA's.Via @finestfilmstills @inbbs This short fling ended on the wrong note after Bale revealed that after taking the star out for one date, she never called! Apparently back in 2006 before Kim met Kanye and Nick met Mariah the pair briefly dated, who knew! I can't be the only person who had zero idea that Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian dated!The date ended up going horrible and the two never saw each other again, Duff going as far to tell media outlets it was the worst date ever!


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