Sophos enterprise console update manager not updating dating networking events

The whole experience was quite involved, and if i had wanted to I could of phoned Sophos Technical Support which are excellent, but I like to try and figure things out first myself.

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The information you need is in Chapter 4 – Configuring a project.) In this example, I’m not changing any of the options from what is set by default. To accomplish this, I’m choosing the following options in the Settings section: In the Post-Installation Behavior section, set On Success: to Do Nothing In the Options section, check the box for Require admin password for installation 5. For this, you’ll need a preinstall script and postinstall script.

Here are the preinstall and postinstall scripts that I’m using: 10. (If you don’t know to build, check the Help menu for the Packages User Guide.

While tidying up an old server for a client recently I removed a very old version of Sophos Control Center.

We’d been running Sophos Enterprise Console on a new server for almost a year now, so I didn’t think uninstalling it would it would effect the new installation, but i was wrong!

This is good news for Mac admins, but the configuration and login credentials that used to be stored in /Library/Preferences/com.plist in Sophos 8.x has been overhauled in Sophos 9.x.

/Library/Preferences/com.plist in Sophos 9.x now no longer contains login information, only server locations.

All the services appeared to be running, so I tried restarting the Sophos Management Service and got the following error message.

After doing some research on 0x80070534, it took me to Sophos KB14509 article, I noticed here that the “Sophos Console Administrators” group was missing, so I created this as a Domain Local group in AD and added my administrator account.

It appears that uninstalling the old version of the Sophos Enterprise Console, also removed several AD Groups, and possibly the account we used for updating.


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