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Eikaiwa (英会話) consists of the kanji for “English” (ei, 英) and “conversation” (kaiwa, 会話) – and that’s exactly what an eikaiwa is: an English conversation school.The English skills of Japanese people are often quite low.

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While it may vary from eikaiwa to eikaiwa, 1-4 weeks vacation per year are quite common.

The vacation is often in accordance with the Japanese holidays (New Years holidays, spring vacation, Golden Week, Obon summer vacation).

Working for an eikaiwa is one option if you consider teaching English in Japan. They seem confused because they read a lot of contradictory comments in forums.

You’ll certainly find a few horror stories and I won’t say they’re not true, but let me tell you that not every eikaiwa is the same. There are the big chains like Jibun Mirai (formerly known as NOVA), ECC, AEON, Berlitz or Peppy Kids Club.

It’s very common that you’ll have students of any age, usually raging from 2-70 years old.

While at most schools the majority will consist of kindergarten, elementary school, jr.

high and high school kids, you’ll also have the occasional adults.

Class sizes may vary from 1-10 students and often they’re not all the same age.

The majority of students can’t actually use the language.


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