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Frequent Counter-Strike and Call of Duty player Greg says: "We started playing games at a very young age, hanging out with our buddies after school playing on the old Playstation or Halo on Xbox.

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Our minds work in a similar way." Studies also show that couples with a deep shared interest, such as video games or online gaming, tend to have long-lasting and healthy relationships.

This is typically the case for any couple with any kind of shared interests or hobbies.

The female-to-male ratio is actually much lower in the United States.

In most parts of the world, the ratio is nearly even, and in some cases, there are more female gamers than there are male gamers in other countries.

Gaming is thought to be a predominantly male activity, but studies show that there are far more girl gamers out there than most people realize.

In fact, recent studies show that about 60% of gamers are men and 40% are women in the United States!

One of the hottest trends in online dating is the geek lifestyle.

In particular, single gamers with a shared interest in video gaming.

Our match engine finds you the best ideal gamers that you can connect with.


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