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Roman is best friends with Drake, and he was once friends with Teri, despite their romantic past, until she betrays him and he decides that they cannot be friends.He is also close with Julia, Lukas, and friends with Taylor.She was 6 years old when the Atrians arrived, and on that day, she helped a young Atrian boy (later found out to have been Roman) survive.

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Julia was diagnosed with Leukemia at the beginning of the show and since none of the treatments were working she was told she must go home, however Roman saves her by combining his blood with cyper as a favor to Emery.

She is a very bubbly, lively young girl who is fascinated with 'all things Atrian.

Roman is a 16-year-old Atrian boy who now lives on Earth in a militarized sector with the remaining members of his race.

When Roman was a little boy and had to flee from the chaos of Arrival Day, he took refuge in Emery's parents' tool house upon which Emery found him and cared for him until he was found.

Grayson is a 16-year-old human boy who lives in Edendale, Louisiana.

He is an average teenage boy (hangs out with his friends, he's on the school swim team, etc...) except for the fact that his parents are the leaders of a terrorist group against the Atrians inhabiting Earth known as the Red Hawks.

His father dies in the Pilot after being shot by Ray Whitehill (Emery's father.) Roman's father's death took a huge toll on him as he now feels it is his job to keep his race alive and protect his mother and his sister, Sophia.

Roman notices Emery on the first day of school and immediately recognizes her.

Lukas had a crush on Sophia, but they're just friends throughout the series.

He is best friends with Emery and close with Julia, Roman, Grayson, Taylor, and Eric.

Her other love interest in the show is Grayson Montrose, a human boy who is seen to have cared about Emery since the beginning of the show.


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