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Some of the missions seem too hard and others way too easy.When is it worth it to send girls to school or have a ceremony?

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I do like some of the art work of the females getting hammered over and over game is a real sweet game one of the 3 best on playforceone thought i do wish there were longer time and that the grapics were better and that there were more girls^^ and that more customers could come by and that instead of being a girl having slaves it would be a man and have 1 girl marry in the end like you ended up with tifa or yuna and that one could choose age that would get it more roleplaying thought it still one of the 3 best games on playforceone..always check if you can rank up ur girl since this will significantly raise her price and its useful in the long run for ur mission always rank up for when shes maxed she makes 600 per customer.always try to get experience ability it helps alot cuz refinement takes so much to up Remember to complete the missions DONT FORGET helpful tip from a viewer!

XD i played this game on another site, and i absolutely loved a little hard to start but once it gets going its so much fun.

If you can time the training to finish as you buy new space, you essentially need no extra time.

For example a girl might serve 3 customers with 60% or more health, then decrease to 2 and 1 if you don`t rest her.

How bout you have the game with infinite time, and have it such that when you save and quit, the game will be restored Chii is rigged.

POSTED BY FRESH AT PM 1 COMMENT: Joe September 4, 2010 at PM Some more tips: The ceremony/school price is tied to a girl`s rank.

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Take on the role of Sakura and try to win the favor of young Genins.


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