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It only takes a few minutes, and may save you from a headache or two down the road.In a typical environment, it’s common to see a network configured where a dynamic record can be registered by a client itself, or by the DHCP server(s) on behalf of a client.

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One of these is to allow Microsoft’s DHCP server to perform dynamic DNS registrations on behalf of a DHCP client.

The DHCP server will dynamically delete corresponding DNS records as well, upon lease expiration.

If you choose to do this, you need to exercise some caution, as the timestamp (or age) of a static record doesn’t typically change.

If you registered a new record 365 days ago, as far as DNS scavenging is concerned, the record is 365 days old, and will be purged.

The no-refresh interval means the timestamps on your DNS records cannot be refreshed.

Your clients will still dynamically register with DNS, but the timestamp won’t update.For this reason, it’s good practice to simply manually review your static records on a periodic basis to keep things clean.How often you do this is up to you and should be based on the number and frequency of changes you make to your network.In most cases, as long as the device is powered on and connected to your network, this registration process will occur roughly every 24 hours, keeping the dynamic record fresh and active in DNS.From time to time, we admins will set up static records.In nearly every environment I’ve walked into, especially those that are more mature (read: older), DNS contains a plethora of stale entries, whether statically configured and forgotten about or dynamically registered, but never deleted or scavenged.

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