cfinput not validating - Dilbert on dating and marriage

This was one of those gem shows that for some reason only picked up a select cult audience.Note: An alternative strip was also published this day.Marriage will go away eventually, as all bad systems do....

It was about workaholic Dilbert and his life in his cubicle.

Because of that it was canceled, even though it was a great show.

It is terrible for the kids, terrible for finances, good for lawyers, bad for employers, etc.... I’ll give you a solution in one word: diversification.

And those people typically remarry and either divorce again or, all too often, live unhappily ever after. Unfortunately, in 2015, marriage is probably the best system we have for raising kids. In marriage, if something bad happens to one person, or one person becomes a jerk, the system breaks.

In his active, fertile, writer's imagination, we ... Misguided FBI agents and a manipulated mad doctor stand in their way, but Jim finds allies.

See full summary » A divorced father, he has custody of his 23-year-old slacker son Ben, who dreams of wealth and freedom but is too lazy to find a real job. Dilbert is a cubicle dwelling employee for a large soulless corporation. In his senior year, a vehicle breakdown almost forced him to spend a night in the snow, causing him to vow never to see a snowflake again.He took a one-way trip to California a few months after his graduation.But as a thought experiment, imagine that the government removes all laws favoring marriage. And instead the government encourages people to set up alternative social systems that solve the problems of divorce. Any engineer will tell you that is a poorly designed system.But if, for example, you had a small tribe of people cooperating for mutual interest, a bad day for one wouldn’t be a death blow for the tribe.Submissions to various publications of both Dilbert and non-Dilbert comic panels failed to win publication. However, an inspirational letter from a fan persuaded Adams to keep trying. His first paycheck for Dilbert was a monthly royalty check of 8.62.


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