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Every aspect of Infinispan that can be configured declaratively can also be configured programmatically In fact, declarative configuration, behind the scenes, invokes programmatic configuration API as the XML configuration file is being processed.One can even use a combination of these approaches.

To support both OCS and Lync Server environments the HDX looks for different DNS hostnames, mimicking a combination of what both the Office Communicator and Lync clients perform.

The Lync client only performs lookups for the TLS-specific host records but since OCS supported both TCP and TLS native client connections then the HDX still looks for TCP records as well.

Global configuration defines global settings shared among all cache instances created by a single Embedded Cache Manager.

Shared resources like thread pools, serialization/marshalling settings, transport and network settings, JMX domains are all part of global configuration.

Additionally something missing from the older article is a deeper explanation of user name parameters.

One of the most common issues seen in the field preventing endpoint registration to Lync is simply a misunderstanding of the different formats or settings a Lync user might have between their SIP address and AD usernames.

This comprehensive document will guide you through every last detail of Infinispan.

Because of this, it can be a poor starting point if you are new to Infinispan.

One of these caches can be indicated as the Whenever they are specified, named caches inherit settings from the default cache while additional behavior can be specified or overridden.

Infinispan also provides a very flexible inheritance mechanism, where you can define a hierarchy of configuration templates, allowing multiple caches to share the same settings, or overriding specific parameters as necessary.

This is intended to more closely match the Microsoft client sign-in experience by using the same fields names as the Lync client.


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