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Rublev would be the youngest semi-finalist at the US Open since Lleyton Hewitt in 2000 and at any Grand Slam event since Nadal at 2005 Roland Garros. 1 at the US Open dating back to the start of the Emirates ATP Rankings in 1973. Rublev marks the first meeting between a 30-something and a teenager in a Grand Slam quarter-final, semi-final or final since Pete Sampras, 19, defeated John Mc Enroe, 31, in the 1990 US Open semi-finals.

Though they were fed only meager rations of watery gruel and stale bread and were prohibited from talking to each other, the POWs were not physically abused. 9 that Russell was missing in action, she was in a panic.

One of the worst things was the nightly, incessant allied raids that showered bombs around the prison. “So I started praying, ‘Hey, if a bomb is going to hit me, make it a clean shot, Lord.’ ” Back in New Bern, Linda had no idea whether her husband would ever return. Her close friend Vicki Nerad virtually moved in with her and on that first night slept beside Linda, who cried in her sleep.

I lobo, and watching sunsets from the porch swing of the wood-frame home that he and Linda built two years ago.

These days, neither can help but see a future bright and shining.

“The first time we cheered was as we were coming up on the Saudi border and two American F-15s came alongside and told us we were crossing,” says Russell.

‘The plane just erupted.” After receiving a hero’s welcome at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

After his group commander and a chaplain from the U. Linda stopped going to her job as a customer-service representative for a local tool manufacturer.

And it fell to her to break the distressing news to her and Russell’s parents in Deland, Fla., where the couple had begun their courtship at Deland High School 10 years before.

Hale and fresh-faced, he stood near the altar with his wife, Linda, 28, and joined the choir in a heartfelt rendition of the hymn “Victory in Jesus.” After the ceremony—as men shook his hand, children clung to his sleeves and grandmothers kissed his cheeks—Russell’s dark memories were already fading.

“I don’t want to forget the whole experience because of all the positive things that have come from it,” he says, “and how much it’s made Linda and me grow.” Russell’s ordeal began on the afternoon of Feb.

Five days later, after Russell was shaved and permitted to wash his flight uniform and exercise for the first time, he and the other POWs were put on a bus, where a woman informed them they were in the hands of the International Red Cross.


  1. The founders' financial and legal structure, adapted from the model developed for garden cemeteries in the America by City solicitor George Collison, aimed to establish a joint stock corporation managed by trustees.

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