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Designated as the “ARM” (Automatic Rifle Misr), a semiautomatic-only version of the Egyptian AKM was introduced to the American public in 1982 by the U. The laminated wood handguards and buttstock are correct in every detail.

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They imported Maadi receivers that had both trunions,rails,trigger guard,and mag catch installed.

The first ones due to the Maadi receivers having a AKM front trunion that has a opening for a barrel with a 23mm barrel shank required a sleeve to be added to the smaller 19mm barrel shank of the MAK-90 parts kit barrel.

AKM rifles were manufactured at the “Factory 54,” the Maadi Company for Engineering Industries in Cairo.

Key Egyptian personnel were trained in the Soviet Union, and the plant was supervised by Russians prior to their abrupt expulsion from Egypt at the hands of Anwar Sadat in 1972. For all intents and purposes this is as close as most of us will ever come to a Russian AKM.

The later assembled MISR-90 rifles used the Chinese front trunion from the MAK-90 parts kits and a Maadi receiver imported without a front trunion installed.

Besides the rivets being loacated in different places on the trunion/receiver the early MISR-90 rifles have the model stamped on the left side of the reciever where the later rifles have it stamped on the barrel. banned the import of Chinese guns and ammo in April,1994 there were 1000's of MAK-90 rifles in bonded warehouses awaiting import approval from customs and 1000's more in transit to the US. to release the rifles that were in customs as they were in the US when the ban was enacted. ruled that the rifles while physically in the US they were not legally in the US as customs had not released them.

They were all finished poorly, unlike their steyr imported predecessors. I would honestly rate it more valuable than a WASR10, Gunbroker has been very generous to the Maadi S/A if you follow. The model MISR-90 rifles were assembled by Century Arms from Maadi receivers and Chinese MAK-90 parts kits.

They bought 1000's of MAK-90 rifles that were disassembled and had the receivers distroyed after the import of Chinese guns and ammo was banned in April,1994.

J." If not stamped this way the rifle is a post ban rifle. They go for 00-00 and are as close to an original Russian AKM as you can get.

Some were converted to full auto and were the AKs used in the movie Red Dawn Post ban rifles were imported by several importers. Imported 2 models the ARM and RML both with thumbhole stocks.

The four gas escapes holes found on each side of the Ak-47’s gas cylinder have been omitted, and there are two gas relief holes on each side of the gas block where it mates with the gas tube. Rear sights are graduated to 1000 meters (with a 300-meter battle sight marked “p”) instead of the AK-47’s 800meter maximum. The sheet-metal receiver cover has transverse ribs and a rolled edge over the ejection port. All the exterior metal surfaces have been finished with a baked on black enamel over phosphate. No doubt about it, expect for the selective fire option and the markings on the receiver , this is a soviet AKM.


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