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This is sometimes called the “demand growth exclusion.” The NSR regulations prescribe that an emission increase is determined by the calculation of the difference between the baseline actual emissions (BAE) and PAE, and allows for subtracting from this result those potential emission increases that are excludable because the emissions unit could have accommodated (or generated) those emissions prior to the modification except for the lack of demand to operate.

This is a fair practice since almost every emission source does not operate at maximum levels and maximum hours, and to use that difference as proof that the source underwent a major modification would make almost every physical modification of a major source subject to NSR permitting.

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This seat has a reduced recline from 3" to 2", in comparison to the older versions of this aircraft; however this loss is compensated for as you are sitting at a different angle and this seat design should naturally recline your body to prevent the feeling of "needing to recline".

Some passengers of the new 73G product have found this new configuration to be much less comfortable however due to the change in seat pitch from 32", down to 31".

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Your time of check-in will determine whether you are in Zone A, B, or C for boarding.

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Now, there exists a distinct possibility that several pieces of the NSR applicability puzzle could change depending on the outcome of an ongoing NSR enforcement action filed by the U. The NAAQS are the ultimate basis of the NSR programs. EPA enforcement action involves the potential modification of an existing major stationary source, and more specifically involves the detailed math of determining how much of an emission increase will result from the modification.

The NSR programs were established to ensure that the NAAQS are attained and maintained as major new emissions sources are constructed and as existing emission sources are modified in a manner that increases their emissions as a part of facility expansion projects. Determining whether or not a project at an existing major stationary source will result in a “net significant increase” under the NSR rules at face value does not appear to be a difficult task.

The crafters of the Federal Clean Air Act (CAA) specifically state that increased operation of a source is not an emission increase for NSR purposes as long as the source was capable of that operation prior to the modification.


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