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After the relief of the city there were then two possibilities for Maurice; the immediate siege of Groningen or to drive the Spanish rom the region of Twente.The Dutch rallied behind the latter plan, but William Louis and Vere thought that strategic sense was clear in the first plan.

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On hearing of the news of Verdugo's siege, Maurice with his force (which included twelve companies of English and ten Scots totalling 5,000 troops under Francis Vere) quickly moved from Zwolle and marched his force to Coevorden.

Count William Louis with his thirteen companies of Frisians had fortified the area known as the Bourtange Marsh so that Maurice could move in quickly and take Verdugo at a disadvantage.

De bestorming en verovering van Coevorden op 30 december 1672 door de troepen onder bevel van generaal Rabenhaupt.

Infanterie en cavalerie trekken op in de richting van de vestingswallen om de versterkte stad.

William Louis soon joined Maurice and Vere on the road between Vecht and the Bourtange marsh totalling 9,600 soldiers and 1,900 cavalry.

Count Philip of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein was sent with twenty Dutch companies to cover the southern borders against Verdugo's army of reinforcements under Frederik and Herman van den Bergh of which neared 8,000 men.

The siege first commenced in October 1593 but winter and shortages of food and supplies forced the Spanish into winter quarters.

The siege however recommenced in March 1594 but on May 6 Maurice of Orange arrived with an Anglo-Dutch army to relieve Coevorden, forcing the Spanish army under Francisco Verdugo to retreat completing the victory.

Meanwhile, Maurice's forces soon approached Coevorden and started to dig trenches in front of the Spanish force surrounding the city.


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