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“My client strongly rejected those allegations despite their intimidating tactics,” the advocate was reported as saying.

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Sidorov’s counsel Alexey Avanesyan rejected the accusation levelled at his client.

According to reports, the lawyer conceded that Sidorov was a friend of Baksheev, but denied any links of him in the cannibalism crime.

The police, however, claimed that Sidorov was part of the racket as he was tasked by Baksheev to lure the victims through dating websites using the pseudo name ‘Angel’.

Baksheev, on the other hand, used the pseudo name ‘devil’ on dating sites.

"We of course love working with Erik and he did an awesome job on the albums he did for us, but we just finished a long tour cycle and then worked extremely hard on writing and practicing these songs, so being close to home for the recording was a compelling factor too," says Mazurkiewicz.

"These days, we don't all have to be there for the whole process any more, but if one of us was needed at the studio we could get there fairly quick." Under Rutan's watchful eye the sessions went smoothly and without a hitch, the only thing slowing them down being the attention to detail exercised by all involved, intent on perfecting their vision.Baksheev and Natalia have rejected the charge, accepting to have killed only their waitress.They have also denied the charge of consuming her meat.Sidorov has been grilled by six investigators after being taken into custody, said lawyer Avanesyan.The detectives attempted to convince him of “raping girls” and handing them over to Baksheev and Natalia for killing them.When everybody started writing I believe it actually became a feel thing more than it ever has been with us," says Mazurkiewicz.


  1. Door het gebruik van een lokaal IP-adres kan je profiteren van lokale voordelen.

  2. Any threats of violence must be 'credible' for the individual making them to be prosecuted.

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