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I recall several years back when this company was first noted. Now I believe they purchase the phone directories in digital form from ?????

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Doesn't look to me like it's any more or less information than a general phone book, so chances are if your listed in the phone book you may be listed here.

Because it does not collect such information, Reverse Australia has no such information to use or to disclose to Third Parties.

Reverse Australia has designed this policy in order to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).

I'm not too impressed about someone making profit off my personal information, public record or not.

I thought due to the spam laws, and privacy concerns they stopped selling/making available reverse search capable phone directorys?

But I bloody well don't expect it to be "obtained" and made available like this (yer I know it happens – I get email spam like everyone else – but my email doesn't necessarily give access to my name, home address with a pretty picture of my house included).

If you got my details from a legitimate, publicly available source I'd really like to know what it was. I'm not sure which one is yours, but it looks like the only request from last night that hasn't been processed (that included a number in the email) is currently listed in the white pages.

Could you please send us an email referencing this thread so that we can check what database you were found in? OK but if you are apparently using the White Pages (although not in my case) aren't you doing the same thing – infringing copyright the same as DTMS? Also, one of the names that comes up is my brother in law who hasn't lived at home for 6 years or so and was never associated with the home phone account in the first place and then there is also an unknown name which is ridiculous. Aren't you breaking the law by posting my details given my number is silent?

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