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Starting May 21, 2014 you can only get medically certified by a federally certified medical examiner – called a CME or Certified Medical Examiner.

If you want to start driving again, you will first have to get a new medical card, and then visit your DMV, to self-certify in the category that is appropriate for the type of driving you will be doing.

A DOT medical card is valid nationwide and can be used by any company so you don’t have to get a new one. There are companies that have a policy in place that states they want you to have the physical exam done by their own examiner.

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I have a CDL and have been notified to present DMV with a medical certificate or I will lose my driving privileges. Do I need to get a DOT physical just to maintain my license?

For more information see our blog post New FMCSA Medical Certification Requirements.In order to keep your CDL, some states will allow a CDL holder to certify in a category that does not require a medical certificate e.g.Intrastate Excepted, if they are not currently driving.All states have based their DOT physical qualifications on some of the Federal requirements, but may grant waivers for certain medical conditions.If you’re a local driver you can still get your medical card from a certified medical examiner. Fed Ex, UPS and DHL, drivers are subject to interstate regulations even if they drive intrastate.You will still have to give a urine sample which is used for a kidney screen for potential medical conditions.


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