Christian community dating

Groups meet in homes, parishes, schools, offices, hospitals, prisons and universities.

There are groups for the homeless, for those in recovery from addiction and a special emphasis of the community is to share this gift of meditation with the poor and marginal.

"The events that come to campus offer opportunities to do things that I would not normally get to do. I've listened to professors from other parts of the country.

CBU offers events all year round that inspire, interest, and challenge you." "I wanted to experience life on my own at a small school.

CBU is committed to the mental, social, spiritual, and professional growth of each student.

Our programs and services are designed to assist you through the various aspects of your own life journey.

Our student body is full of diverse cultures, faiths, and interests.

The University welcomes students into an educational community of faith and service that is committed to academic excellence.It is awesome how easy it is to get involved at CBU and become a part of the campus community.The community is a global and inclusive contemplative family.CBU is consistently rated one of the best Universities in the Southeast and in the nation.We are recognized for our academic excellence, engaged faculty and caring environment.It supports the practice through the quarterly Meditatio Newsletter, social media, a daily and weekly mailings, APPs and an online radio.

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