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Sex ed is dry, boring and judgmental—sex ed is BAD sex!I saw a need for someone to come in and try to change that narrative.How do you keep it going while also venturing out into new opportunities? I quit You Tube before years ago and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

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My astonishment quickly turned into fascination, which then turned into kudos and I. She easily becomes a ‘friend in my head’ and her openness is contagiously empowering.

Lately, her current open relationship has been the hot topic.

When did you initially realize that you wanted to become clinical sexologist and saw it as a viable career?

I knew I wanted to work as a sexual educator ten years ago because I realized sex sells but sex ed does not!

You've talked about past relationships and have even bravely decided to talk about your current open relationship. Being apart of a non-traditional relationship would not have been something I would have thought of five years ago.

I say bravely because it is pretty courageous to expose your personal relationship to the opinions of the public, but I can imagine you did it because you thought it would be for a greater good. If I had, it may have made my life and my attempts at love easier.I think You Tube is a platform that can take A LOT of commitment and work to keep growing, so I applaud anyone who is successful at it.I imagine it can even be uniquely challenging with the theme of sex.Will we see more items like this from you in the future? When people ask me what my "ten-year-plan" is, I say "to be the Martha Stewart of sex ed!" Martha sells you books, specials, weekend getaways, sheets, etc.I love this piece because to me it represents how I feel about female sexuality: sleek, chic, strong, beautiful, subtle and full of mystery. You can also wear it as a statement for normalizing female sexual pleasure. I'm glad to share this experience with other sensuous seekers.

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