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The search for the next top model in Mnet I Am A Model is already into its 4th season.The winner from this edition was 15-year old student Park Seo Jin who was the youngest-ever winner from the series.I've thought while watching every drama & movie Yoon So-Hee & Park Shi-yeon have been in that these two would be perfectly cast as sisters, or related in a story in some kind of way. She really caught everyone’s attention in Ruler of the Mask. unlike Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) who is mostly become a burden in the name of love for two guys (Yi Sun the crown prince and Yi sun the fake king). I really like the tandem of So-Hee together with L in the mini drama series "The Day After We Broke Up/ One More Time"..

We never thought that Park Seo Jin would have picked this mission.

But we hope that everyone can look from another perspective because this is only a segment within the program, and is totally different from the usual nude photoshoots.” Since winning I Am A Model competition, her status has rocketed and she has already signed on with many cosmetic firms to endorse their products.

I hope So-Hee's career will grow well and successful.. Keep excelling I learned to love Kim Hwa-Goon(Yoon So-Hee ) when, undoubtedly she is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of Crown Prince (Yoo Seung-Ho) .

I became So-Hee's fan with her beauty, brains and attitude.. She did lots of efforts and courage to take part in helping the Crown Prince to succeed in all his mission to help the people of Joseon to the point of saving his life as well even if it means disowning his own grandfather Dae Mok.

I would love to see you in a romantic comedy as the main lead, or as a cop/investigator role like you did in Ordinary Love. Fighting and spirit, always give your best in every drama and movie. what thehell are you talking about ,i loved him in ojakgjo brothers he was soo cute and in the end he falls in love ,an besides it his caracter don't critisize him for being a great actor i am happy too see him in this drama fighting and those who are comenting about him ,just learn too split reality from real life !! If you disliked him for his role in ojakgyo brothers, it just shows what a great actor he is then, doesn't it?

i hope you will leading a drama with Park Bo Young... i hipe you will leading a drama with Park Bo Young... I'M HOPING THAT YOU WILL GET MULTIPLE MOVIE AND DRAMA OFFERS AS THE MAIN LEAD! You're the next great korean actor, keep smiling right. - Also a lot of feelings shown by the actors that most of the time are doing a great job. Do not criticize him for following the script and the director. @bea anuddin, learn to watch the entire drama before making judgement, plus it's just his character in the show.Sadly it turned out love triangle from the 4 casts..Her chemistry with the Yoo Seung-Ho can't be denied to.. i will support all your projects:) saranghae gracias por todo me hace muy feliz verte por medio de mi computadora te admiro me encanta tu forma de ser en todos los dramas eres el mejor me gusta verte feliz y sonreir es lo bonito de alguna persona cuando sonríe y esa persona te gusta o lo admiras espero que tengas una vida muy feliz ya se que soy demasiado cursi pero siento eso por yeon woojin te amo gracias................ I didn't notice you in Cinderella Stepsis / Ojakgyo Fam, thanks to TVn for airing Marriage Not Dating, damn love it, looking forward seeing you in KBS2 bcos my tv cable only has those 2 Korean channel, TVn and KBS2... I truly hated this guy's personality in arang and the magistrate. You and Joo Won were my favorite brothers (JW is my favorite everything Korean by the way... I am not really that fun of Korean shows and movies but because of #yeonwoojin I think I better start watching your films. I Start day dreaming because of watching #letsgetmarried in You Tube. So glad he's the lead in, "Marriage, not dating." Praying for your continued success, wishing you the very best, Yeon Woo- Jin. Just started watching it in Dec 2015..on.on..could not stop.... I would love to see him in more dramas as the lead.=) Saranghamnida = 사랑합니다 I find this drama full of holes which were overlooked by the writer and director but the character of Ga Eun seems strangely limited compared to that of Haw Gun.


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