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So no more worrying that they’ll be able to scroll through your history and make fun of your eight grade haircut.

Once you find someone, you have to both request each other in the ‘Roommates’ tab’ AND you both have to rank the residence halls EXACTLY the SAME.

Basically, the same drill as the preferred roommate.

In order for you to get paired together you have to make sure that you and your preferred roommate both request each other in the ‘Roommates’ tab’ AND you both have to rank the residence halls EXACTLY the SAME. However, just because they were friends first doesn’t mean the relationship works out. She said that we were too good of friends, and she didn’t want to risk not becoming friends if we didn’t get along as roommates.

Seriously, if you don’t rank them exactly the same the computer won’t believe you actually want to be roommates, and you probably won’t end up in the same room. My junior year I asked one of my friends to live with me and she said no. It may sound crazy to you, but this is a real thing.

Better yet, just be open about things that bother you! The Matched Roommate The third option is roommate matching through a University Housing sponsored app on Facebook called Room Sync.

Room Sync allows you to fill out a profile about yourself and answer some general questions like, “What time do you go to bed?

Throughout my years at UW-Madison I have found the roommate shenanigans to be a lot like dating. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what your major is, when you signed the contract, or anything else. This is a lot like when the nerdy girl in all the movies accidentally bumps into the popular quarter back in the hall way and he drops all his books. Sometimes they fall in love and ride on horseback into the sunset, sometimes the popular guy ends up being a jerk. It’s a little risky, but sometimes you can’t trust yourself to get right. You’re going to have to learn to get along with many different types of people now that you are an adult.

What better time to start out than right away with a random roommate? The Preferred Roommate A “preferred” roommate just means you want to live with someone you already know.

Make sure your Room Sync profile is as honest as possible.

Because, come on, how clean and organized are you really?

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