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This write-up is an attempt to describe an outsourcing industry in India and problems we face as customers, not people working there.My conclusions and assumptions are also based on the fact that many companies are moving towards a more agile development where decision-making and ability to adjust is a key. Finding talent in Hi Tech centers like Bangalore is almost as hard as finding qualified people in Silicon Valley.

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With billions of dollars sent to India by US and European companies it created a Tech Bubble.

People with no technical background or any interest in the field are becoming software engineers because that’s where the money is.

You will likely hear a number somewhere in the 8-10% range, which they will pronounce proudly.

Now ask them what is their turnover rate on projects, which would include people moving from project to project within the same company.Most of the resumes I see are at least two steps above of where I’d put them based on US standards.Employees have an unrealistic (by US standards) expectation of speed of their promotions and type of work that’s expected from them.Do you remember how in late ’90s anyone with a pulse was becoming a programmer or a QA engineer?Remember all those schools that promised to turn anyone with or without brain to be a QA engineer in 3 month? In fact it’s been going through the same high-tech boom for the last 15 years or so.You project will be a training ground for all this new engineers. Training you will offer only so your provider can move this person after 6-12 month to a different project where they will be billed at a Sr rate and help provide the same training to others.

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