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RLC has one of the friendliest communities you’ll find in any online game.

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Frequent updates RLC is frequently updated with fresh content, new zones, new skins and new events – the game thrives to stay up-to-date and to provide its users with new content.

If you like Red Light center and want to unlock the full (sexy) potential of this adult playground then you might want to think about going VIP.

Earning Jump Stars and Ranking Up: To rank up players will need to play through missions like those found in areas like Story Land, Marine Land, Adventure Land, Future Land, and Penguin HQ or complete other in-game tasks to earn Jump Stars, achievements, and unlock special features around the game.

A player’s rank is then determined by the number of Jump Stars they have earned overall, which can be viewed using the counter in the upper right hand corner of the gaming window.

Choosing a Name: Jumpee usernames are created when players begin to build their fully customizable avatar.

Usernames are generated using our Jump Start “Name Randomizer”, which allows Jumpeez to create two or three word name combinations that are used to identify players both in game and through player submissions or fan features.The Jumpee creator is accessible at any time and can be opened from each player’s character dock.Within the Jumpee Creator, players also have direct access to Jump Start’s Threadz store where they will be able to buy new items to customize their Jumpee’s look.RLC’s basic commands are really easy to master – for instance, to move around, just use the mouse or the classic WASD keys.If you want to go back to the welcome center, press the home icon.Red Light Center can best be described as a 3D virtual world for adults (well, technically, a ‘Massively Multi-User Reality’) with over 4 million active users.

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