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Romania is a Central and Southeastern Europe country. Romanians declared themselves as ancestors of Roman empire. Take a chance to communicate with Romanian singles via Live Date Search.It borders Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Black Sea. Romania got independence from Ottoman Empire 1877 and new land “Romania” were formed. The nature of the country is Amazing as on the past of the country lies Carpathian mountains. culture of Romania was influenced by many cultures that was occupied country in past.

The staff on the City Cruises boat could not get her out of the water but a nearby fire service boat came to her rescue.'They tried to fish her out with a pole but she was not responding.

Then a rescue boat came and took her out,' a witness said.

We were brought up to fix things that are broken not throw it away.

Therefore we will stand by you through thick and thin and will always be there in time of need.

Mr Tracey said: 'I realised that my friends were over at Westminster Abbey coming to meet me and I got a telephone call from him. that was when he said he had lost Andreea.' Paul Ciocoiu, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Romania, said: 'According to information we have, she would be the pedestrian hit by a car and thrown into the Thames and then recovered.

The Ministry contacted the family.'Ten people injured in Wednesday’s attack remain in hospitals across the capital.

Romantic: Andrei had planned to propose to Andreea (pictured together last Tuesday) but she is critically ill in hospital after London terrorist Khalid Masood tried to kill her and dozens more with a 4X4In a statement, the couple's families said they were 'so grateful' for the work done by the emergency services, who saved her life.

They said: 'Andreea is still in a critical but stable condition and benefits from the best medical healthcare possible.

We are overwhelmed by the love, support and respect for our Andreea.'The Metropolitan Police have been and continue to work tirelessly in providing their care and support during this very difficult time.'Footage of the atrocity showed Ms Cristea falling from the bridge into the water below.


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