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This is over 4000 dollars in work and when I contacted the service department at the dealership they basically told me well that’s the way it goes with used vehicles we cant help you.

I glad to have spent 12,000 dollars on a used vehicle to need to spend 1/3 the purchase price to keep it running.

Auto Nation will never get any of my business again and I will post this complaint everywhere I possible can to hopefully save somebody this hassle in the future.

We start asking questions and immediately realize that he has no clue about the cars.

Understanding that he may or may not be new we continue to work with him but instead of asking questions we look at the stickers.

Andy said he found the car but we would have to make a deal to bring it over. Andy talked us into working out some numbers before we departed.

During this time he talked down about what the salesman showed us which Should of been my second clue to leave.

I came to the dealer in a snowstorm looking to pickup the loaner, which was a total lie, cuz they only has a small car, and the parts for my truck still haven’t been ordered like they told me were.

I didn’t take the loaner and I told them to just contact me with my requested paperwork when the truck was finished.

Auto Nation has 22,000 employees and had .52 billion in revenue in 2013.

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The company owns and operates 266 dealerships across America selling 32 different manufacturing brands in 15 states.


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