Sean dating thara

The new couple also lived in two different countries and pursued a long distance relationship, him in the U. signed to Virgin Records and Prashad living in the U. And he actually tricked Prashad twice with a sock in his pocket before the grand proposal.Sean eventually popped the question, for real this time, in Miami where the couple’s romance first began.

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His followed up single “Stolen” peaked at number four. He earned lots of appreciation for his creative and experimental fusion of Indian music and contemporary R&B British hip-hop.

In 2004, he released his first album titled, “Me Against Myself”. Though the album could not create much sensation on the UK Albums Chart it managed to sell hundred-thousand copies.

Moving into his personal life, Jay Sean is a happily married man. The ceremony took place at The Venetian in Garfield.

He married his only soul mate Thara Prashad after a year of dating. They welcomed their first child, Ayva on 13th of December 2013.

She now works alongside Sean as his “wifeager” and also manages a blog called, “Get Toned with Thara.”Sean and Prashad initially met at the Bollywood Awards in 2005, however, both admit it was not love at first sight. Prashad knew the proposal had to come some time before the ceremony, but was not sure when.

Prashad said that they took one photo, but she was turned off by his “too cool” attitude and “baggy pants.”A year later, they met again at the South Asian Student Alliance Awards in Miami where they “hit it off.”They kept their relationship a secret in the beginning, because of Sean’s career. Sean planned a fake dinner event and tricked Thara with a sock in his pocket, instead of a ring.

The song became top twenty hit, climbing at twelve, which led him a one million euro contract with Virgin Records.

His followed up single titled; “Eyes on You” was Jay’s first solo attempt became a top ten hit, climbing at number six.

Son of Punjabi Sikh immigrants Bindi Jhooti and Sharan, Jay was born on 26th of March 1979 in Harlesden, Brent, London, England, UK. He had special fetish for music since his early age and had musical talent since then.


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