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The present study investigates the setting and strength properties of geopolymer mixtures containing binary combinations of bentonite-flyash, bentonite-cement, bentonite-silica-fume and ternary blends of bentonite-flyash-lime.The effect of lime and alkali activator (sodium hydroxide) on the geopolymerisation of bentonite was studied systematically.

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The highest rate of strength gain was observed at early curing period (7 days) for the ternary mixtures (M14) consisting of 80% bentonite, 10% flyash and 10% lime compared to other mixtures.

It can be realized from the experimental study that, geopolymerisation reaction was effective for the specimens cured at 100°C hot air oven.

Keywords: bentonite, fly ash, silica fume, geopolymer, cement, lime, alkali activators.

AND, the whole paper is there, not just some lame abstract and a demand for $40 to get into the peep show and see if you have been ‘had’ or not… But that one has a down to earth practical bent to it that I found refreshing. One of the papers indicates that a p H of about 10 or so is enough to catalyze things.

Some time back I took a bit of a look at what are being called Geopolymers. All of which implies that a silicate sand, treated with highly alkaline solution, ought to form some soluble silicon compounds; then ‘polymerize’ some silicate back between the sand grains when allowed to dry and neutralize the p H. Just in case things had moved forward any, or something I’d missed might show up. Well, seems that the days of my youth when I could regularly buy most of that stuff at the grocery store and hardware store in my little farm town are now far gone. Not just lye, but things like bleach and roasted bicarbonate of soda too. Even noted in passing some other “odd bits” related to it. But then decided another bit of ‘prior art’ research ought to be done. Mostly an Aluminum Silicate clay of fairly pure sort. The idea being to do “mix and match” on the various stuffs and find out what worked and what was not so good. Looks like many different alkaline / basic materials might “work”.

All in all, that ought to be enough for a good start.

If I see any promising quartz sand, I’ll likely get a bit of it, too.

In the sol so formed, neighbouring silicon or aluminium hydroxide molecules then undergo a CONDENSATION reaction where adjacent hydroxyl ions from these near neighbours condense to form an oxygen bond linking the molecules, and a free molecule of water; OH- OH- - O2- H2O (Ref : Hench L L, “Sol-Gel Silica.


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