Russian billionaire dating naomi campbell

So then—in a twist that shocked absolutely nobody—Zilin was promptly fired by her European modeling agency for alleged “unprofessional conduct” and an “unacceptable work ethic.” Boom.

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Louis, who was then the head of the world's second largest cigarette seller ‘Whilst it is addictive, it is not that hard to quit'.

The mogul admitted he had quit only once – and it lasted three months when he had a cold, he was quoted as saying in 2009.

Naomi reportedly met Louis through their shared love of Formula One as they frequented the same races and are said to have met and bonded at the events.

Sources revealed: 'Naomi and Louis have been secretly dating for weeks. Naomi likes to keep her relationships private and it is early days but there’s a real spark between them and their close friends are aware they’re dating.'Mail Online has contacted representatives for Naomi for comment.

Astuto revealed: ‘Vlad started to bid for a bronze mould of Mandela’s hand in the auction conducted by Will Smith.

‘He wanted to give it to Naomi, but she quietly told him to stop when the bidding reached £1.7million.Her tempestuous love life has also included a romance with motor-racing tycoon Flavio Briatore and one engagement, to U2 bassist Adam Clayton.According to one Russian acquaintance of Doronin: ‘Vladislav has dated beautiful women before, but to embark on such a high-profile relationship with an icon such as Naomi Campbell shows he has reached a stage in life where, having made money through astute property deals, he is ready to have some fun.’The secretive oligarch - previously wrongly identified as Brazilian Marcus Elias - attended the recent London dinner for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday, where Naomi was also a guest.During the all-night party on the yacht, the pair were seen dancing closely to the music of a gipsy band.One of Naomi’s guests, Brazilian writer Bruno Astuto, said: ‘They danced and kissed tenderly the whole night.The tycoon is building the futuristic house – called Capital Hill and resembling something from TV’s Thunderbirds – in a pine forest near Moscow.


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