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Lexa never saw herself as a fighter, as able to cause pain and to kill.

But she was good at making clinical decisions, she was good at separating feelings from duty. And hasn’t her life since falling to Earth proved that? Clarke is the last in a long line of healers, hiding their strange gift for centuries.

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Speaking to The Guardian about the role, she said: 'We do the performance with the house lights on and, if there are flashing lights or big noises, you tone them down or amend them to make sure there isn't anything in the performance that will startle people.'Members of the audience do wander around during the performance but all the actors are well prepped.'I have plans to use the platform I have in telling stories relating to this horrific disease.

It's important to me that they represent reality and are told with a lot of love too.' The event to unveil the stunning art piece was attended by a star-studded lineup, including Kisstory DJ and Beauty Blogger Pandora Christie.

But what she doesn't know yet, is that when she's 80 years old and sitting in her chair and looking back to the day she was brought to that foster home... But falling in love with you was out of my control.

she will smile with tears in her eyes and thank fate for making her meet those people who will make her see the positive things in life. After the fall of Mount Weather, Clarke Griffin roams the wilderness.

Clarke has never been able to escape thoughts of her green eyed childhood best friend.

And is finally realising she would do anything to get her back.

It's not available to buy yet, but click right to see more from the Mc Clure-approved brand. Unique21, Asos, Madewell and more have some similar designs that are perfect for giving a nod to Vicky's look!

Simply finish off with a pair of ankle boots to complete the outfit.

Lexa has been searching for the great Wanheda, to no avail, until one day while Lexa finds Clarke injured in the woods after evading bounty hunters.

Meanwhile, Raven and Octavia have been growing closer and closer in Clarke's absence.

Confused and tired, she searches for something, whilst running away from her past.

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