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Usually, only one partner is in favour of a divorce and the other spouse who made the call to me is the one who desperately wants to stay together.

If you happen to be the spouse who is keen on holding onto your marriage, it is highly probable that you are not in your usual state of mind and are acting in desperate ways.

This means their focus shifts to how they can get away from YOU!

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If your friend is sharing their sadness and hopelessness with you and needs help with their marriage, please pass this relationship advice on.

OK, so you have tried everything, exhausted all your options, and feel hopeless and even helpless.

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This very behaviour that you keep doing pushes your partner further away (you are aware of it, but can’t seem to help it! You have chased, cajoled, reasoned, begged, pleaded, railed, guilt-tripped, and implored your partner to no avail.

All the phone calls, text messages, letters, emails, and heart and gut wrenching pleas have failed.

Now it is time to use the Last Resort Technique to save your marriage.

This relationship boot camp comes with a Your marriage is at a crisis point.

However, the flip side to our humanity and animal instinct is, the party being chased or even hunted down will feel the need to escape when you coerce or pressure in response to feeling trapped.

When you chase your partner, your partner will feel hunted and you become a point of danger on a primal level.

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