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Earlier this summer Elite launched four new trainers/rollers, and in doing so greatly simplified their trainer lineup.

Long term as a semi-serious cyclist you’ll undoubtedly use these again, so they aren’t a waste. Of course, I can’t just write that as you’d expect a wee bit more detail on what happens when you pedal. Not so much under-the-bed flat storage, but more like vertical closet storage.

Plus, your cycling buddies & buddettes might use them as well. The ‘foot’ will rotate under it and then align parallel with it.

You’d just need a $1-$3 power adapter if you’re using it in a different country than you bought it from: Once plugged in you’ll instantly hear the resistance unit moving inside the trainer.

It’s oddly this beautifully reassuring sound that all is happy in trainer land.

And overall, I’ve come away quite impressed on a number of levels.

As usual, I’ll note that Elite sent me the trainer as a loaner to try out. I got shipped one of the first production Drivo’s off the line back in July, but at the time they were still waiting for the outer cardboard printing sleeve to arrive from the printers.

I suppose I could have done that step last, but, I just wanted to get it out of the way. Here’s the Jenny Craig before and after photos: There’s also that handle up top, making it easy to carry the unit around.

Next, we’ll take out the feet and plunk them on the lower leg: Next we’ve got the little red knob that locks the lower leg in place. It has two safety systems on the unit, a small red locking lever as well as a bigger red rotating knob.

The cassette itself will run you between -0 for a run of the mill Shimano Ultegra variant.

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