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Or some people will quote one study or a part of a study or even worse, an "expert's" personal opinion, as fact, often leaving out other pertinent information that doesn't support their agenda. If POF wants to publish "data" that portrays their female members as promiscuous in the hopes of attracting more males I imagine, then hey, more power to them. .*count me as a non smoking promiscuous slutty type who likes to oogle male torsoshots (apparently theys perverted) and not ugly painted chick toes O_, a free online dating site with over 10 million registered users, has recently released data that promiscuity among women has doubled since 2004. But, it has been stated as fact, and then someone else latches on to that 'fact' and makes another claim of cause and effect. We're just proud to have found a genuinely FREE site that lets us contact other members, chat, Forum and have a Great amount of Fun when So many others charge anywhere from to for One Lousy Month..No guarantees....other than being billed for the next cycle...!!! From years of experience here, some educated guesses are: Sex ratio- male 4-1 female. Gotta go jump in my moon rover this evenin, catch ya tomorrow..One of my favorite example of faulty logic or fallacious reasoning is one I read on Wiki I believe and it goes something like this: - more rapes are committed during the summer-more ice-cream is eaten during the summer = (therefore) eating ice-cream = rape Anyway, is there any "truth" to the claim that women who smoke are more promiscuous or that the promiscuity among women has doubled since 2004? I don't have to agree with or respect their decision but I know where the door is and my sluttly promiscuous azz is free to leave at any time. Ash, if you're still reading this thread, here is one of those times in life when it's better to sit back and enjoy the show. So ya gotta try even harder still to impress the few than in real life... Sorry if this is a common question, looked around breifly and couldn't find anything.

I don't know about 'really mattering', BUT, if you knew that a dating website had only a few male members in your age range, and that most of them lived on the other side of the world from you, would you spend much time on it? I'm not suggesting whether or not you should or shouldn't be curious. I'm asking WHY would it matter to you if you're having fun with it?

PICKUP TRUCKS, COWBOY boots and a 24-hour booze-fuelled party in the Outback: welcome to modern-day dating in Australia’s bush, where swiping right is not an option.

“It’s very old-school,” Emily Pitt, a 24-year-old from the former gold rush town of Gulgong, tells AFP.

Surrounded by vast tracts of wheat and canola, Ariah Park, some 400 kilometres west of Sydney, is better known for grain-growing than big parties.

I don’t particularly like not having a primary partner to share this wild and fascinating human experience with, but I don’t mind being “alone” so much.

No one is snoring or stealing the covers, or pulling the dirtiest trick of them all… ...leaving only the appearance of a stocked fridge with just a few drops of milk at the bottom of the carton.

It has a population of just 500 and the main street – with its row of historic buildings with wide verandas – looks preserved in time.

But on the last Saturday of October the usually peaceful village is inundated with pick-up trucks, which roar up to a dried-out paddock to deposit partygoers.

Hey fellow fishies, Does any know / have a source for user stats on POF?


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