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The collection of Pollard memes—the actor infinitely reacting to some stressor, a perfect correlative scene to social life on the Internet—proliferates, and is now varied enough to make up something like a language.I like to imagine how memes of Pollard were created: a nostalgist studying reruns of Pollard’s shows and deciding that the way she had, say, bulged her eyes when a co-star, called Hottie, dared to compare herself to Beyoncé was somehow so articulate that it needed to be archived.When Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are confronted by the first Agent of Ares in New York City, the Agent names himself as Diemos.

See more » On the island, Diana has some difficulty subduing Steve Trevor, presumably a slightly-above average human strength-wise, yet later she shows she can effortlessly lift a desk with one and and battle a Greek god. Though I have never been a big fan of wonder woman, never hated her,but never saw anything special in her.

So when I decided to watch this I never thought it would be this good.

Batman discovers a mysterious teen-aged girl with super-human powers and a connection to Superman.

When the girl comes to the attention of Darkseid, the evil overlord of Apokolips, events take a decidedly dangerous turn.

On Twitter, the activist Bree Newsome last month wrote a blistering thread critical of the Democratic establishment’s reaction to black voters following the special Senate election in Alabama.

But it was a textless tweet—of Pollard squinting, disapprovingly—that said the most.

The voice acting is excellent and both animation and action is on a very high level.

I personally loved the intricacy of the action sequences.

(The conceptual artist Martine Syms, who in her work has drawn from s of Pollard, is attracted to the racial spectacle of meme usage, because it dramatizes how black female expressiveness is generally appropriated as “a shorthand for speech itself.”) Certain memes burn brightly and then fall out of vogue, suddenly incompatible with the quick changes in Internet patter. I’ve watched people on social media use her likeness to vent about having to keep up with news about Anthony Scaramucci, to scrutinize one another’s sleeping habits, and to speculate about the possible award-show dominance of “La La Land.” Late at night, when I’m texting friends, our conversations sometimes devolve into rapid, wordless exchanges of Pollard images.


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