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The columns supporting the upper deck are usually found in row 6, and are often located on the aisles.

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This level is covered by the awning of the upper deck (except portions of 202-204, 237-240, and all of sections 201 and 242).

Rows 1-7 are considered Box, and rows 8 are considered Reserved (all rows are considered Reserved in 201-204 and 237-242).

Unfortunately, these columns can obstruct the views of those seated in the deck below. Another key architectural aspect of Wrigley is that the upper deck significantly overhangs the lower deck.

While this feature can benefit patrons by sheltering them from the rain and summer sun, it also blocks sightlines of the sky, scoreboard and fly balls for those in the back rows of the lower deck.

Dugout & Bullpen Box: This level is comprised of the three rows nearest the infield, labeled A, B and C. On the outfield, this level provides the closest seats down the first and third base lines. If you are in the lower rows (roughly 1-5) of these sections, you may have to contend with frequent foot traffic crossing in front of you.

A minor qualm, for sure, but perhaps annoying for the more particular baseball fan.And if you noticed the ticket prices on the link above, it sure is nice to buy with confidence.So, without further ado, a section-by-section guide to the seats of Wrigley Field.* : – Within each level, section numbering begins with the section furthest from home plate down the third base line and counts upward.These columns are actually a continuation of those on the lower deck.They are aligned with the aisles (except one column in sections 527 and 528 ) and are just in front of the first row.– The first row in each level is labeled row 1 (except for Dugout and Bull Pen Box, which start with row A). If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” Club Box (Sect. 101-142): This level is separated from the Club Box level by a pedestrian walkway.


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