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Zakynthos is popular with tourists who are drawn by its stunning beaches and wild nightlife.

They are a 32-year-old British security guard of Serbian origin and a Greek barman, 34.

Eight other people who allegedly took part in the beating are also being questioned.

Greek American songs are traditionally performed by bands at social functions and at church festivals that usually occur religious holidays.

In the 1920s and 1930s, these bands, which consisted of voice, clarinet, violin, ('light' music), which was based on popular urban romantic songs from South America and Europe with lush orchestral arrangements, Latin rhythms and Greek lyrics, became a fad in Greek American communities in the 1930s , another urban music genre (a sort of Greek version of the blues, often with seedy lyrics) was brought to the United States by Greeks immigrants and continues to be popular today.

An example of dimotika can be heard on a recording of "A Spiritual Brothers Song" by Mrs.

Nick Alvanos in Tarpon Springs, Florida on August 26, 1939.

Crop failures, political instability, and, in the Ottoman Empire, avoidance of conscription in the Turkish army and Turkish oppression motivated many to leave.

Before and after the 1919-1922 Greco-Turkish War, Greeks in the Ottoman Empire were forced to leave.

They arrived in two main waves, generally driven by economic need.

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