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Prerequisite: either ESS 101, ESS 105, ESS 210, or ESS 211.View course details in My Plan: ESS 305 ESS 306 Planetary Geology (5) NWUp-to-date survey of geological features and processes on and within planets and their moons deduced from sampling, remote sensing, spacecraft imagery, and theory.Prerequisite: either Q SCI 292, MATH 125 or MATH 135; either PHYS 114/PHYS 117 or PHYS 121.

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Description, phase equilibria, origin, and associations of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. The physical, chemical, biological, and plate tectonic evolution of the earth's crust, seawater, and atmosphere. Focuses on linkages between these environments to illustrate coupling between landscapes and seascapes. View course details in My Plan: ESS 230 ESS 290 Special Topics (1-10, max. View course details in My Plan: ESS 290 ESS 301 Geology of the Northwest (5) NWGeologic history of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Emphasis on use of geologic principles in interpreting evidence found in landscapes and rocks. Prerequisite: either ESS 101, ESS 105, ESS 210, ESS 211.

View course details in My Plan: ESS 301 ESS 305 Geology of the National Parks (5) NWReviews a wide range of fundamental geological processes, using North American parks and monuments as examples of natural laboratories.

Includes plate-tectonic history, volcanism, mountain-building, and glacial, fluvial, and a host of other geomorphic forces as preserved in geologic exposures of National Parks.

Ward Covers the origin and diversification of life on Planet Earth, and abrupt die-offs in mass extinctions. View course details in My Plan: ESS 205 ESS 209 Interdisciplinary Earth Sciences Field Seminar (3-12, max.

Explores how new instrumentation and experimentation in biology and chemistry, and improved sampling of the fossil record in geology, combine with astrobiology and geobiology to revise out history of Earth and its life. View course details in My Plan: ESS 204 ESS 205 Access to Space (5) NWGroup development of student experiments to the outer rim of our atmosphere and the beginning of space; investigation of stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, magnetosphere, development of exploration packages; basic electronic fabrication, global positioning, radio tracking, expectations at high altitudes. 12) NWMiscellaneous field-based and experiential learning activities in earth and space sciences.Comparative discussion of volcanism, tectonics, surface processes, and thermal evolution. Prerequisite: either ESS 101, ESS 105, ESS 210, ESS 211.View course details in My Plan: ESS 306 ESS 307 Diversity Outreach Program in Earth and Space Sciences (3-5) I&S/NW, DIVStudents will lead Earth and Space Sciences outreach events to underserved and underrepresented populations in the Northwest.Open to non-science majors, but also lays a foundation for higher-level geobiology courses.View course details in My Plan: ESS 104 ESS 106 Living with Volcanoes (3) I&S/NWExplores volcanoes and volcanic eruptions on Earth and in the solar system.What fossils tell us about past life and environments.

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