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Como una forma de mantener indexadas las canciones las voy a poner aqui, e ire actualizando este post cuando encuentre mas.

Viens, Mallika – Cocacola Light: Baltimora – Tarzan Boy – Entel: Billy Ocean – Get outta of my dreams get into my car Billy Myers – Kiss the rain – Mall Plaza: Soft Cell – Tainted love – Icono: Maroon 5 – She will be loved – Wiskas: Goran Bregovic – Ringe Ringe Raja – Samsung D820: Andy Williams – Music to watch girls by – Axe 3: Micah P.

Hinson – Yard of blonde girls -Pantene: The Killers – Mr.

I could not wait to finish the bottle, I almost threw it away, but I did finish it to see if my opinion would change, just not what I wanted, at all.

I would recommend not blind buying this scent, seems a love it or hate it one to me.

(2) Para buscar las canciones, según mi opinión, lo mejor es usar Soulseek ( Si quieren me agregan para que me saquen las canciones que tengo hasta el momento.

Habit Rouge is a classic fragrance for men which was launched in 2003.- It opens with a strong lemon note that I specificaly identify as persian lime (citrus limettioides), Probably due to other minor notes like tangerine, green lime, orange and basil, it smells like strong plesant lemon tea. - With the hearth notes, the scent became powdery with rose-carnation-cinnamon-sandal flavours but without loosing the heavy lemon tea note.The transition is subtle and extreamly well composed.Gorgeous Guerlain - wonderful on my husband, but I really love it on me - also lasts a good 8 hours.Dreamy, slightly Eau de Shalimar, a bit of vanilla and powder..don’t think this isn’t suitable for men because it sounds so pretty..absolutely is. I do not find this masculine at all, it is very feminine to me, and on me I'm afraid I can only say that it does smell like you are backstage in old ladies dressing room or hairdressers.فلسفة هذا العطر كما أرادها جيرلان تعيد أمجاد فرنسا زمن الإمبراطورية فهو إذن عطر الفخامة .

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