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To increase the sensations, try using both hands to masturbate your penis.

Do: Apply some of your favorite lube into both hands liberally.

The friction with the palms moving back and forth and up and down stimulates the penis vigorously.

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Find your rhythm and pump your dick into powerful orgasm!

The balls are a sensitive spot and sometimes the pleasurable spot beneath the scrotum, the perineum, is missed when guys masturbate. Do: Lube up your big dick applying an extra amount over your scrotum. Circle your thumb around the underside of your penis.

This technique allows greater penis stimulation over the entire surface of the penis whether it is large or smaller.

An advanced masturbating style, take your cock between both of your opened palms.

Play with the perineum, feel the intense sensations of prickly pleasure and take your masturbatory pleasure to new heights – enjoy!

While masturbating, cross one of your wrists over the other; grab the scrotum with one hand and continue to jack your dick with the other.

Slide the palms forward and backward along the shaft, similar to rubbing a stick in kindling.

Move the palms up and down to increase the sensation of pleasure with the palms and fingers flat.

Try this to increase the volume of seminal fluid before the big climax.


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