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This is how it goes: Home credit agent: Hi my name is (insert name here), I’m calling to remind you that you have a (insert amount due) that is due on (due date), are you going to pay tomorrow or even better today?If you say that you will pay on the due date, they will tell you okay then will hang up right away.Imagine this, my due date is every 22 reminding you to pay that day since it’s payday.

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DAY 1 = BOHOL COUNTRYSIDE TOUR-AIRCON STAREX VAN: 8-9 hours The price above was a SPECIAL PRICE FOR ME AND MY GROUP after a long negotiation with Kuya Dodong through texts and emails.

I also informed him that I have several websites about travel and thousands of friends to recommend his services if he is going to give us a very good price for this Cheap Bohol Tour Package. After the long negotiations, Kuya Dodong asked me to deposit a partial amount of P1,500 to his BPI Account for the reservation of the Hotel.

He was dressed in some kind of Barong/Filipino type of Shirt and looks formal.

He talks very pleasantly and his hospitality is so amazing.

At first, the group was somewhat paranoid that we might be scammed by this person whom we don’t know personally.

We are even discussing that we will not give all the money to him unless he shows us some identifications or business registration of some sort.In our case it’s Tierra Azul Hotel but you can also request if you have your own preference.The price would vary as some hotels have higher rates.We started the trip and had our first stop at Blood Compact Shrine.He asked for the full payment on the way to Loboc River because he is going to use the money for the entrances and lunch.What is worst is their agents are like robot (No offense but to those who have a loan with home credit can attest to this).


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