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I never understood the rationale of enraged social-media fans who harass everyone on the show if they don’t get their way. You’re not going to bully the writers or a network into doing a story line just because you’re on Twitter and upset that something does or doesn’t exist.You can totally exert your opinion to everyone and anyone, but at the end of the day, we’re just going to make the show we want to make. I make a conscious effort to make sure that they’re separate, and they do feel very separate. There are so, so many cultural influences woven into the show.Speaking of fans, have your opinions about fan culture — especially for a show that’s hit such a strong nerve with younger viewers — changed as the show has progressed in popularity?

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I love reading the theories and seeing comments on trailers for the next episode; seeing how people are excited about what’s going to happen and predicting things.

It’s very nice to see the engagement of fans, but I don’t get sucked into it. So I try not to pay too much attention to what fan accounts are saying, because sometimes they’re really negative and are threatening when they want a certain plotline to happen. We made it to make the show we want to make, and not to cater to the most popular wants or needs.

Kids are becoming sexual at an early age, and I think that speaks to it well.

Why do you think this new internet persona is the natural progression for Betty’s dark side? Xlove is a live cam site that brings you over 100,000 girls, couples, gays and trannys ready to perform live sex shows for our viewers.For years now, we have offered a high quality website that brings you hot naughty girls in live private cam shows.She has a very “all or nothing” mind-set, and she definitely eases up on Betty, but she does it out of love, which is something to be appreciated. [.] I don’t necessarily approve of taking their daughter into their shady underworld business, but hey, that’s just me. Cheryl really nailed it with the “looking very DILF-y today” remark from last season. Especially in the last episode, Betty walking in on a man bleeding out of his head on the floor, there are bigger fish to fry.Fred is a great dad — you can see that warmth between Archie and Fred. Speaking of Cheryl, Penelope Blossom is the absolute worst human being on the show. She’s definitely going to lean on Jughead in the coming episodes to deal with that, and if there was relationship drama it would be too much.I want it to feel like its own entity and stands alone, and I feel like if I watch series is coming to television, but a little salty it’s on Netflix and not the CW anymore.


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