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A coroner described him as being 'goaded' into his death.The software is used by more than 7 million people worldwide has been blasted in the past for helping terrorists to communicate.

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And the gamble has appeared to pay off for Mr Lerner financially however being the director of a company which has been at the centre of controversy cannot be easy.

In 2007, internet safety charities blasted Paltalk after a 42-year-old man from Telford, Shropshire, took his own life after being goaded by chatroom users.

After he left the room he cammed up, and that was when he did what he did.'It took him literally 30 seconds to go from sitting down to hanging.' One person known on the forum as Putin wrote: 'Gregory Tomkins was a funny man, he did a lot of funny stuff in the chat room but he also got upset a lot and would do silly things on his cam as well.'I just think he was very lonely as he had a difficult past which he spoke about a lot.'But he always meant well, you just were never sure what mood he was in when he entered the chat room.

I do not think an insult chat room like this was the place for him.' Another chatroom called Alinity wrote: 'Yakka was a funny guy he will be sadly missed.' Mail Online has contacted Paltalk for comment.

Described as a man who was 'lovely but had serious problems', the self-employed businessman was a regular to the Apple Inc Insults chatroom where users exchange twisted insults.

It is up to social media platforms what content is removed or blocked on their sites.Any threats of violence must be 'credible' for the individual making them to be prosecuted.'It is like a playground really, it’s somewhere where you can say anything and not worry about the consequences.‘But on too many occasions it’s crossed a line. I would never go that far.’He said many of the people logged into the forum on the morning Gregory took his life witnessed a similar incident a decade earlier.'I called my local police station but I'm based 100 miles out of London so they had to hang up the phone to call the Met Police.All this time Gregory was struggling and dying in front of us.' Mail Online has made repeated attempts to contact Paltalk, a US tech firm based in New York.An inquest heard how one user telling him to '****ing do it' because they believed he was 'play acting'.


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