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These women are beautiful inside and out and I KNOW you will love them….

We love blogging and hope you will swing by our blog and check it out.

I’m a crafty girl who is a wife, mother, daughter of our Heavenly Father, photographer, wanna be interior decorator, party thrower, Young Women leader, organizer, power tool enthusiast, craft supply hoarder, and lover of all things creative.

It is always SO fun to find new blogs to follow and to find new sources for upliftment and encouragement!

I am extremely honored and super excited to be included in this group of 18 of the most AWESOME Mormon Bloggers out there.

My little part of the blog world reflects all of these things.

We are six biological sisters who started our blog to stay in touch with each other.

If you want a strong marriage, you have to work at it continuously.

You have to be willing to set aside your pride and look for ways that you can improve in your role as a spouse and make your marriage better.

I love musicals, marketing, writing, the occasional DIY project and talking about how much better life is since I joined the LDS church.

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