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At younger ages, say up to about 12, your child needs only to know that pornography isn’t good for him.

But in our sex-saturated culture, pornography is becoming a problem for females as well.

Family Life received a message from a man who had been married for many years before he found out that his wife was addicted to suggestive literature and a harmful, compulsive sexual behavior.

All of these actions and more can shape your child’s convictions and keep him out of the traps.

In addition, there are two other convictions your child should learn and embrace. You may wonder how much detail to share about pornography with a child without drifting toward prurience.

We’ve sought to expose pornography’s lies by talking about its impact on men like Ted Bundy.

And we’ve taken our sons and daughters with us when we’ve gone to movie theaters to talk to theater managers and protest an NC-17 (formerly X-rated) movie that came to our community.

For example, in Proverbs we read this description of a woman to avoid: “For the lips of an adulteress drip honey, and smoother than oil is her speech” (5:3).

That is not an explicit description of a prostitute propositioning someone, but it gets the point across.

Here are a few things you could talk about: Is Pornography a Problem for Girls?

Males, who are generally more stimulated by sight than females, will always be the main consumers of pornography.

They were making her think too much about “being in love” and having a guy pay her special attention.


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