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It’s a normal Tuesday afternoon and I need to change clothes so I can go to the park with my boys. I consider putting it on, but it’s way too fancy to wear to the park and I’d die a slow death if my kids touch it with their sticky, peanut butter covered hands. I tried contacting a few babysitters, but none of them worked out. That sounds much better than putting on an actual pair of jeans and makeup.

Standing there looking at my shirt, I start mentally piecing together the perfect outfit…skinny jeans, tan colored heels, my teal and pink beaded necklace from Stitch Fix, and a spritz of my favorite perfume. In fact, we sit on the couch together every night watching Netflix, computers perched on our laps. I miss uninterrupted conversations and having his full attention. I believed that, I really did, until I found that darn shirt. Once a month, we’d call our favorite babysitters and plan a night out for just the two of us.

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"Any time a couple does something together, it can be fun. So much of our conversation was about our kids that I was beginning to wonder what would happen a few years down the road, when we become empty nesters…would we even talk?

But when it's really exciting, that fun gets associated with the relationship," Dr. "When you do exciting things as an individual, it has no impact on your marriage. That's exactly what many married couples face, says Dr. "After a while you don't have that much to talk about.

But when you do things together as a couple, you can't avoid thinking about your partner while it's going on. But like any couple married for a long time, we were in a routine: Go out with some friends. Just planning these dates can give you something to discuss." So, armed with the information I'd learned from Dr. He snapped back at me for being impatient, and that was the end of conversation. The place we picked was ultra-hip and the food was delicious.

You get an excited, good feeling when you do these fun things, and yourpartner is associated with it. And it can be very positive for your marriage." In other words, when you have fun with your spouse, you begin to think of him as fun. Aron, David and I decided to conduct our own dating experiment. David didn't notice I had gotten dressed up—he was busy being annoyed that, as usual, I was running late. I was chatting on about a friend's work situation (which I thought was interesting) when David finished my sentence for me, assuming he knew what I was going to say. We didn't speak again until 30 minutes later, when we arrived at dinner. After 30 minutes together in this cool space, I was cooler, too.

Other ideas involve staying home and doing fun things after the kids are in bed.

My favorite is planning a backyard campout with just you and your husband.

I’d drink wine that’s not from a box and eat a hot meal that I didn’t have to share with anyone. I guess when you get out of the habit of doing something, you forget how great it can be. I have a Bachelors Degree in Child Development and Family Studies and a Masters in Counseling where I specialized in Play Therapy.

I recently received the book, 175 Best Date Ideas, and I was super impressed by all the fun things! Some of them are fun date night ideas like bowling, bike rides, laser tag, and exploring bookstores.

On our fourth date, I stabbed my husband in the heart. David retreated off the mat, chuckling in disbelief, and we laughed all the way home.


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